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Gujarat Tribal Tour

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Tribal India
As per the scriptures of ancient times, the origin of the tribes of Gujarat is very interesting. The great epics Mahabharata and Ramayana have references of the hill tribes. In the epic Ramayana, the character Shabi portrayed the hospitable and simple nature of a Bhil lady. Rajpipla, Chhota Udaipur and Sagbara region, Danta region were ruled by the Bhil tribe.

The tribes of Gujarat follow the rituals of religion and they are more of animistic region.The tribes worship the Crocodile, tiger and snake,plants and hills as God .These tribes also have several common Gods like Hindu, Amba, Chamunda, Hanuman, Krishna and Kalka. The most popular and great festival of this tribe is Holi. There is saying that this festival and other festival like Diwali originally come from the aborigines, then after some course of time it was accepted by the Hindus. If you will consider the opinions of the scholars, you will get to know some information like Mother Parvati and God Shankar were borrowed from the Adivasis by the Hindus.  Tribal people too worship their dead forebear. Gujarat's tribal has various occupations. Earlier they used to do slash & burn, in which they used to clean the thick forests to cut the trees, for many years they were depending on cultivation. They used to travel from one  forest to another in the search of good land for cultivation. They also lived on hunting of wild animals and fishing. Even now days tribes such as Vasawas, Gamits, Garasias, Dhodias  are some other tribal groups and are feeding their family by doing agricultural activities. Many Adivasis are owner of the land or they work on other's land as a worker.


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