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North-East Tribal Tour

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Tribal India
Different ethnic groups and tribal groups inhabit the region of northeast India. They all have their own culture and tribal tradition and all speak their own tribal languages. This has made Northeast India one of the most culturally diverse regions of the world. The cuisines and attires also vary among the tribes. Each tribal community has their unique way of living. Tribal people mostly live and earn through the hills and forest areas.

North East Indian tribes have originated from the ethnic groups of Tibeto-Burmese, proto Austrioloids and some groups of Indo Mongoloids. The trend can be seen in the looks, traditions that are visibly followed by these communities. They also show a cultural bridging with the neighbouring countries. And India has till now provided them with a safe haven, compared to living in neighbouring communist nations of China and Burma.

The Bodo Tribe is a vast tribe and shares a good number of populations in Assam. The tribal people have also migrated to other parts of India as well as to neighboring countries. It’s said that Bodo tribes have introduced rice cultivation, tea plantation, poultry farming, and silkworm rearing in the North Eastern parts of India.

Bodos are non vegetarians and rice is considered a staple food, and the traditional favourite drink of the Bodos is Zu Mai (rice wine). Rice is usually accompanied by a non vegetarian dish such as fish, meat or pork.

Weaving and silkworm rearing is another part of Bodo culture. Many families rear their own silkworms. The cocoons of the silkworms are spun into silk. Bodo women teach their girls the art of weaving from a young age. One can always find a Bodo courtyard with a loom. Women weave and wear their own Dokhnas, which is the traditional dress of the Bodo women with shawls. The Bodos are also expert in making beautiful crafts from bamboo.


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