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Casual Dining

A casual dining restaurant is a restaurant that serves moderately-priced food in a casual atmosphere. Except for buffet-style restaurants, casual dining restaurants typically provide table service. Chain examples include TGI Friday's and Applebee's in the U.S. and Harvester in the U.K. Casual dining comprises a market segment between fast food establishments and fine dining restaurants. Casual dining restaurants often have a full bar with separate bar staff, a larger beer menu and a limited wine menu. They are frequently, but not necessarily, part of a wider chain, particularly in the United States. In Italy, such casual restaurants are often called "trattoria", and are usually independently owned and operated.

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  • Bistro Nirvana

    ₹ 150.00 /Per person

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    Bistro Nirvana is a foodie’s paradise. It’s a quiet place with serene ambience, away from the hustle and bustle of the Rishikesh town. It offers delicious food coupled with soothing ..