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  • Temples at Rishikesh
    By 02 Decem­ber 2012 19:23 +Add
    Temples at Rishikesh

    In Hindu Reli­gion, there are more than three hun­dred and thirty mil­lion Gods and God­dess. But all of them do not have temples ded­ic­ated to them in most part of the India as well as in the World. But a major­ity of Gods and God­desses are wor­shipped at Rishikesh.

  • Veerbhadra Temple — Rishikesh
    By 28 Novem­ber 2012 13:14 1
    Veerbhadra Temple - Rishikesh

    The Temple of Fri­ars, Con­stancy and Power to des­troy, ego­istic and prude is Veerbhadra. The town is also known as Veerbhadra where this exem­plary edi­fice is situated.

  • Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra 2013
    By 26 Novem­ber 2012 15:15 +Add
    Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra 2013

    Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra (a holy march) is the longest holy march in India which is turned out every 12 years in the state of Uttarakhand. It is con­sidered the other Kumbh of Uttarakhand like Kumbh Mela at Har­id­war which also turns out every 12 years. Next date of Yatra is sched­uled from second week of august to 9th, Septem­ber 2013.

  • A winter date with the Auli slopes
    By 26 Decem­ber 2011 17:52 3
    A winter date with the Auli slopes

    Over the past two years, the Gar­hwal Man­dal Vikas Nigam of Uttar Pra­desh has developed Auli, (which is situ­ated above back-​of-​beyond Joshi­math) as a winter sports resort. The GMVN organ­ises 7-​and 15-​day ski courses for begin­ners and advanced learners between the months of Decem­ber and March.

  • Step­ping stones to spritual sen­tinels — Trekking Panch Kedar
    By 26 Decem­ber 2011 17:45 2
    Stepping stones to spritual sentinels - Trekking Panch Kedar

    Weary of the body, we col­lapsed in indi­vidual bundles on to the cool floor of the small cave. We had reached Panar­g­ufa after a 17 km walk, most of it up a steep slope.

  • Trek from Gan­go­tri to Bad­rinath via Kalindi Pass
    By 26 Decem­ber 2011 17:39 +Add
    Trek from Gangotri to Badrinath via Kalindi Pass

    The much awaited day of Septem­ber 2, 1984 saw our team from the BOI Employ­ees Trek­kers and Moun­tain­eers Asso­ci­ation and under the lead­er­ship of P.R. Agni­ho­tri set­ting out by the night bus from Delhi for Uttar­kashi which we reached the next afternoon.

  • Bird­ing in Himachal Pra­desh
    By 26 Decem­ber 2011 20:08 +Add
    Birding in Himachal Pradesh

    Drive leis­urely towards Chitkul (2 hr.) stop­ping for bird­ing enroute. Chitkul is the last inhab­ited vil­lage sur­roun­ded by green fields and high moun­tain peaks. Return to Sangla in the even­ing. Overnight in tents.

    (Delhi — Narkanda — Sangla — Sara­han — Tirthan Val­ley — Ban­jar Val­ley)
    11 Nights /​12 Days

  • Ganga — A way of life
    By 22 Decem­ber 2012 21:47 2
    Ganga - A way of life

    Those moun­tains, coun­tries, cit­ies and Ashrams are blessed where Ganga flows in between. The soul of the sub­stance attains eternal repose what can’t be achieved by cel­ib­acy, aus­ter­ity or sac­ri­fice, the one who resort and per­sist with Ganga. These are the quotes every­where in Hindu Ved and Pur­aans.

  • Rishikesh — A place for Mit­ig­a­tion and Adven­ture
    By 04 Decem­ber 2012 08:15 1
    Rishikesh - A place for Mitigation and Adventure

    Rishikesh is the city of Holi­ness, Spir­itu­al­ity, Con­stancy and now a day adven­ture also. But at first, Rishikesh has been the centre of spir­itual and reli­gious activ­it­ies since ancient times. Some­what adja­cent to the main city, this spir­itual and reli­gious place situ­ated on the right bank of the river Ganga is sur­roun­ded on all sides by beau­ti­ful hills and is just about 25 Km from Har­id­war. The city attracts hun­dreds of thou­sands of pil­grims and tour­ists each year, from India as well as other coun­tries. Rishikesh is the gate­way for pil­grim­age to Bad­rinath, Kedarnath Gan­go­tri and Yam­no­tri. Rishikesh is also referred as the Yoga Cap­ital of the world.

  • Bunjee Jump­ing in Rishikesh
    By 27 Novem­ber 2012 11:42 +Add
    Bunjee Jumping in Rishikesh

    Bun­gee Jump­ing, con­sidered the most excit­ing sport and now it has arrived in Rishikesh. It has been designed and organ­ised by David Allardice of New Zea­l­and who has flown to India with his team to oper­ate a pro­fes­sional Bun­gee Jump­ing exper­i­ence. A Can­ti­lever plat­form built over rocky cliff inclined towards rocky river HALL, a trib­u­tary of River Ganga.

  • In the land of the gods
    By 26 Decem­ber 2011 16:20 1
    In the land of the gods

    Uttarakhand, the twin province of Kumaon and Gar­hwal is known for its dra­matic moun­tain scapes and Sahas­tra Taluri­ous tor­rents. The Brit­ish turned geo­graphy on its head and called Uttarakhand “Kumaon Him­alaya” although Gar­hwal is big­ger and holier.

  • Panwali’s alpine mead­ows
    By 26 Decem­ber 2011 17:01 +Add
    Panwali's alpine meadows

    THE mead­ows of Pan­wali lie 4000 metres (13000 ft) above sea level on the tra­di­tional Kedarnath Gan­go­tri pil­grim trek. Unad­vert­ised, this place is a para­dise for trek­kers as also for cam­era­men. Just across the far hori­zon rise the gor­geous Him­alayan peaks – Kedarnath Bhagirathi, Meru and many oth­ers. Most of these remain snow­clad till late July.

  • Chaukhamba — The Him­alayan Giant
    By 26 Decem­ber 2011 16:35 +Add
    Chaukhamba - The Himalayan Giant

    CHAUKHAMBA stands as the ulti­mate ram­part in the Him­alayan pan­or­ama of the Uttarakhand Hills. Appear­ing to be situ­ated some­where in the middle, the old maps cla­rify that this for­mid­able mas­sif is in Gar­hwal since they name it “Bad­rinath Trek”.

Sin­ga­lila Trek

06 Janu­ary 2012

Base: Dar­jeel­ing­Dur­a­tion: 0910 DaysMax­imum Eliv­a­tion: 3630 mGrade: Moderate

Rhodo­den­dron Val­ley Trek

06 Janu­ary 2012

Base: Gang­tok­Dur­a­tion: 1718 DaysMax­imum Eliv­a­tion: 4430 mGrade: Mod­er­ate /​Streun­ous­Best.….

Green Lake Theulacha Pass Trek

06 Janu­ary 2012

Base: Gang­tok­Dur­a­tion: 1718 DaysMax­imum Eliv­a­tion: 52000 mGrade: Mod­er­ate /​Streun­ous­Best.….

Dzon­gri Trek

06 Janu­ary 2012

Base: Gang­tak­Dur­a­tion: 08 Nights /​09 DaysMax­imum Eliv­a­tion: 4000 mGrade: Moderate

Dgoecha La Trek

06 Janu­ary 2012

Base: Gang­tok­Dur­a­tion: 1314 DaysMax­imum Eliv­a­tion: 5010 mGrade: Mod­er­ate /​Strenu­ous

Pithor­agarh — Sinla Pass

06 Janu­ary 2012

Base: Almora /​Pithor­agar­hDur­a­tion: 1112 DaysMax­imum Eliv­a­tion: 4100 mGrade: Moderate

Padam-​Manali Trek

06 Janu­ary 2012

Base: Leh /​Ladakh­Dur­a­tion: 1415 DaysMax­imum Eliv­a­tion: 4600 mGrade: Moderate

Padam-​Leh Trek

06 Janu­ary 2012

Base: Leh /​LadakhDuration:1517 DaysMax­imum Eliv­a­tion : 5020 mGrade: Moderate

Padam-​Lamayuru Trek

06 Janu­ary 2012

Base: Leh /​Ladakh­Dur­a­tion: 1617 DaysMax­imum Eliv­a­tion: 4600 mGrade: Moderate

Week­end Camp­ing

Week­end camp­ing always work as a good option for those who just want to break free from their.….

Week­end — Har­id­war Rishikesh

Day 01: Delhi /​Har­id­war /​Rishikesh­Morn­ing drive to Rishikesh enroute visit Haridwar.

Taj Mahal — Agra

Agra — To the lover of art and to the trav­eler seek­ing the won­ders of the world, Agra is the goal.….

Pink City — Jaipur

Jaipur — Encircled by the rugged Ara­valli hills with numer­ous peaks crowned by impos­ing forts,.….

Palace with Wil­der­ness — Sar­iska

Days 01: Delhi — Sar­iskaMorn­ing drive from Delhi to Sariska.Upon arrival check in at hotel.

Mud Fort — Kuchesar

Barely 80 km from the din and bustle of Delhi stands the Mud Fort of Kuchesar, which was built in.….

Leis­ure in Desert — Sam­ode

Sam­ode — the small prin­cip­al­ity of Sam­ode lies 50 kms north­w­est of the city of Jaipur and dates.….

Hill Fort — Kes­roli

The ori­gins of the seven-​turreted Hill-​Fort Kes­roli are traced back to over six cen­tur­ies. It is.….

Hill Exper­i­ence — Shimla

The Brit­ish empire may have ceased to exist, but its echoes linger on in Shimla. As the ‘summer.….

Green Exper­i­ence — Dehradun & Mus­soorie

Delhi — Dehradun — Mus­soorie — Delhi 3 Days